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Sunday, July 26, 2015

I'm a Good Parent, I Swear!

You may think my techniques are odd, but sometimes, s**t's gotta get done!

Please note that none of these are performed against our child's will.  This was all voluntary.

1.  The laundry hamper method.  Sometimes, I like to only fold my clean clothes once.

2.  The cardboard box method.  When I vacuum, I don't want you chewing on the power cord.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling wild, it's a plastic box! 
3.  The toy bin.  He's just so happy in there!

4.  The Tupperware drawer.  Mommy has to make dinner!

5.  The remote control.  Just take out the batteries and let them play with it, man!

6.  The kitchen appliance method.  

7.  The DVD shelf.  Yes, sometimes I want to finish my episode of Suits on Netflix.


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