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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Make it yourself: change table storage

I used to keep my cloth diapers in one of those cube type shelves, and while that worked great at first, it wasn't cutting it anymore.  J is now tall enough to reach the top shelf and one of his favourite games was pulling every single diaper off the shelf about 2 billion times a day.  So I started looking for a creative storage solution.

Browsing through Micheals one day I found these beautiful baskets and I thought they would make perfect "shelves" for my diapers.  I got both baskets for about $50.  Of course once I got them home my husband mumbled and groaned because I couldn't simply screw a basket into the wall and expect it to hold weight (who knew?!).

However, he came up with a solution.  I originally wanted to place the baskets horizontally but our wall studs were too far apart for that.  So we placed them side by side vertically.  My husband measured the baskets and cut 2 pieces of 1x3 lumber to place inside.  This helped distribute the weight as well as insured that the screw wouldn't slip out through the basket weave.  Finally, he found the wall studs and screwed the baskets to the wall and voilà!  

The whole project took about 20 minutes and I'm loving the look, as well as the convenience of having this storage above the change table.


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