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Monday, July 6, 2015

The struggle is real...

There are many moments as a parent that make you look at your child with nothing but love, admiration and wonder at this miracle you've created.  But sometimes, there are moments when you wonder what the heck you've gotten yourself into, and whether you will survive until bed time.  Although I love most of our time together,  there are some moments I dread each day...

One of these moments is diaper changes.  I don't know what's so horrible about it, but it makes J scream and squirm as if I were torturing him. I not only have to deal with dirty diapers but I have to somehow pin down a surprisingly strong 1 year old, while trying to avoid getting poop everywhere, and then get a clean diaper back on.  Most days I lose and I end up having to do a complete outfit change (sometimes for both of us) and cleaning poop off the change table, wall and/or floor...

The runner up to diaper changes is getting him strapped into the car seat.  Of course, the more public the location, the more J will scream.  It's like he enjoys the looks I get from people wondering what in the world I am doing to my poor child.  And even though he doesn't speak yet I swear there are times I hear him say "In a hurry mom?  No problem!  I'll just go stiff as a board so you can't possibly get me strapped in (insert devilish grin)."

We do both of these things multiple times a day, yet every time, it's as if it were the end of the world and I find myself wishing it was acceptable to day drink and parent... Sigh!

Luckily he's pretty darn adorable!


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