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Monday, August 10, 2015

Music Man

We love music!  We always have it playing in the house.  We are huge Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, etc. fans.  That kind of stuff.  I can't say that K listens to much children's music, but he is exposed to a wide variety of artists and genres.  On top of always having iTunes going in our home, my very talented and artistic husband is playing the ukulele, piano or guitar for K, any chance he gets.  K bounces and gives standing ovations for his daddy when he plays!  It's the sweetest thing.

K has now become obsessed with the instruments we have in our house and we fully encourage him playing with them and exploring how they work.  Of course, this requires some supervision, as K likes to bash the ukuleles on the floor if we are not watching him.  He now crawls over to the piano, stands up and plays us some tunes, with a big smile on his face the entire time.  He even sings sometimes, as well!  I have very limited knowledge of chords on the guitar and ukulele and I can play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the piano.  So, let's just say that I'm no musical prodigy.  But, I don't have to be for K to be able to play around with the instruments and to enjoy and appreciate creating music.

To all of the parents out there who are like me - a little afraid of musical instruments, as I don't know quite how to play them - just let your child explore and play with them.  No need for lessons on how to use them, although lessons when they're older can be fun!  Explore WITH them as well!  I swear, they'll get a kick out of watching you "play" the piano, the guitar, the bongos, heck, even the recorder (I know, those can get quite annoying)!

Research shows the music can improve our spatial reasoning skills.  When you listening to music, our brains are prepared to solve all kinds of puzzles and complete tasks.  Check out the following links for information on even more benefits go exposing children to music!

You don't need musical instruments in your house to expose you child to music!  Here are some ideas on what to do/use to make music in your home!

- Use empty cans and cover the top with a balloon to make a drum OR add some rice or beans inside to make a shaker.
- Use an empty tissue box and rubber bands to make your own guitar.
- Use Tupperware or metal bowls, and sticks or utensils to make a drum set.
- Put rice, noodles or beans in just about ant container.
- For older kids: Use glasses or jars with different amounts of water in each to make different sounds.

I could go one forever!  You can make music with just about anything!

If your child is constantly listening to music AND creating it, think of all the skills he or she is developing as such a young age, all the while having fun and exploring with mommy and daddy!


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