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Monday, September 7, 2015

It's the little things...

The last few months have been pretty hectic (as you can probably guess from my lack of posts!).  Between parenting, work and enjoying the last of summer, I sometimes feel like I'm constantly running around.  I often need to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the moments as they pass by rather then always thinking about what needs to be done and planning what's next.  It's in these moments of reflection that I realize that it really is the little things in life that make me happy.  Some of these aren't things I would (usually) admit to others, because I confess they are silly but none the less, here I go anyways.  Hopefully you can relate to some of these and I'm not the only crazy mom out there!

1) When you make it home in time for nap and baby doesn't fall asleep in the car on the way home (which would ruin any chance at that nap at home).

2) When you finish your to-do list before nap time is over and you have time to do something for you!  These days I've been pretty hooked to my sewing machine.

3) When you catch your baby doing something incredibly cute.  Like trying to dress themselves.

4) When you wake up before baby in the morning and you have time to pee and scan Facebook before hearing that first peep from the nursery.  Although this one hasn't been happening much lately!

5) When your husband gets up with the baby and you get to sleep in!  Sometimes he even makes me breakfast when I wake up (I know, I'm pretty lucky!)

6) When all your diapers are clean, stuffed and organized by colour.  The only one missing is the one that's currently on the bum. (I told you I was a little crazy! But other moms that use cloth diapers will probably share my excitement.)

7) Drinking a whole coffee in one sitting without it going cold or having to microwave it.  Really the same goes for meals...

8) FLUFF MAIL!  Whether it's new diapers, a new baby carrier or some new fabric.  It's always an exciting moment for me.  Really, any mail that isn't bills is pretty fun!

And finally the most important one is those quiet moments where you get to just unplug and enjoy friends and family!

I hope you all got to enjoy the little things on this long weekend!


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