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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mini Series: Can't afford it? Make it yourself! (Part 1)

As many mommies know, being on maternity leave isn't the easiest thing, financially.  Luckily enough, I have this weird child who doesn't care for any of his toys, and prefers household items.  For example, K was very late to start army crawling.  We tried every single toy to motivate him... Nothing!  What finally got him moving is a straw wrapper from our Tim Horton's Ice Caps.  Very weird...

I found myself getting a little envious of the mommies getting fun things for their babes for the summer, for example a WATER TABLE.  They're so beautiful and fun looking, and I'm sure could keep my little K busy for the five minutes of attention he has before he moves on to something else!

There I was, shopping online on the Babies R Us website, staring at a cart full of things and leaving that screen open on my laptop for a very long time, contemplating, but deep down knowing I'm never going to buy all or any of it.  Staring at that cart and pretending to buy a pile of new goodies is still thrilling, right?  Come on, we all do it, but sometimes, we just can't. push. the. "purchase". button.

That was me.  Unable to justify spending my money on that oh so wonderful, mesmerizing water table!  I instead decided to build my own, and make it a mini project to do with my husband.  I'm sure every one knows how limited your mommy and daddy quality time is now that another little human was thrown into the mix!  So, learning who to use the power tools and bickering over measurements was our quality time.

Voil√†!  Here it is!

All we needed was:

4 short pieces of 4x4 posts
4 pieces of 2x6s
2 short pieces of 2x4s (joists underneath the container)
1 Rubbermade container
Drill & screws
Sand Paper
Modge Podge

Chances are you already have most of this at home!  Always keep those scrap pieces of lumber around.  You never know when you'll need them!  Note that the Modge Podge is baby safe (I did my research!), and will stop any paint from chipping off when the table gets wet!

I'm learning that babies aren't picky or judgemental!  They will love no matter what we give them/make them!  Why not make it a family project!


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