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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Why the F*%# can't anyone make "young mom jeans"

This an open letter to all the jean designers and manufactures out there...  Why in the world can't you guys make regular ol' boot cut jeans.  I don't want these ripped up and bleached jeans that seem to be in every store I visit.  I can do that to them all by myself...  Just give me a few years with them.  And who do you know that actually looks good in those??  I also don't want any kind of flower or bling or anything else on my pockets.  A little stitching is acceptable if it makes my butt look good.  Furthermore, I love skinny jeans as much as the next person but they aren't right for every occasion either.  Also what's with the rise being soooo low?! Half of the jeans I try on don't even cover my butt and the ones that do don't allow me to sit without an extra long shirt to make sure my butt crack isn't hanging out.

Now you might be thinking that I'm just shopping in the wrong place and maybe you're right, but here is my issue...  I like to think I'm still young and cool.  I might not be completely up to date with what all the teens are doing these days, but I was a teen not all THAT long ago.  I do have Facebook and Twitter and Instagram... but I also know that I don't look good in 90% of the jeans that are currently in stores I frequent.

However, I'm not ready to shop at mature ladies wear stores either.  And I don't want jeans that go all the way up to my boobs.  Or don't flatter me what so ever!  I just don't want them hanging off my butt either.  Am I asking for too much?!  I can't possibly be the only one with this problem! I'm not asking for much! 
So if you are a jean designer, here's what I need in my pair of "young mom jeans"; medium to dark blue bootcut and mid rise.  By mid-rise I mean jeans that are not hanging off my butt but not up to my belly button either.  Jeans that allow me to bend over but still wear a belt without having to tuck in my shirt (80's fashion anyone?).  I also need jeans without rips, bleach spots, stripes or stars or whatever else is in these days.  And finally I'd like it at a reasonable price.  After all I'm raising a small human and that isn't cheap.  So, I'm on a budget!  

If you are reading this and you know where I can buy such jeans please let me know!  I really don't think I'm asking for too much!


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  1. American eagle !
    I have 3 pairs, no rips, come in a nice light denim & a dark navy, perfect for wanting to go for family visits with out your grandma screaming at you for the holes in your pants.
    they come mid rise, mine sit just below my belly button.
    and there straight cut/skinny.