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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baby's Best Friend

They say dogs are "man's best friend".  In our case, our two giant fur balls are "baby's best friend".

We rescued Mavis (the brown one) almost 5 years ago, from the OSPCA.  She is a wonderful, calm, mellow dog (unless there's food involved - I can totally relate).  Jenkins, the big black fur ball joined the family two years later and made things... Well...  More exciting.  He is a big, excited, gentle giant.  He can get a little annoying, but he just wants to be loved ALL OF THE TIME!

When we found out we would soon become a family of three, we were thrilled, but couldn't help but wonder how Mavis and Jenkins would react.  But we knew, deep down that THIS would happen....

Mavis and Jenkins watch K like a hawk.  They are gentle giants who love to watch K play and be petted (more like smacked by a baby), and they know to leave the room if they have had enough of Kingsley pulling their tail or poking their eyeballs.  All of this, I believe, happened because we TRUSTED our dogs and didn't try to keep the baby away from them all of the time.  The more you try and keep the baby away from your dog(s), the more they will WANT to see it.  I believe that this will increase the excitement and anxiety, which is when the dogs get to be too much for you and your baby.

In a controlled setting/environment, we started showing K to the dogs and letting them smell (and sometimes lick) him from the very beginning.  Mavis and Jenkins knew exactly what had entered their domain, and the baby was never an issue for them.

I'm no Cesar Millan, not even close, but I do believe that keeping your dogs "in the loop" when a baby arrives will relieve a lot of stress for you, your family and your fur babies.

I can honestly say that K loves our dogs and they love him.  No doubt about it!

Trust your pet (within reason) and take them along for this crazy parenting ride!

**Post a picture of your baby/babies and pet(s) on the comment section!**


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