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Thursday, June 25, 2015

"What the ****?" Mommy Moments!

We all have those moments where we go "What the ****?", as mommies.  Here are some of our very best and most memorable ones so far!

1)  "What?  Really?!  Actually?! You just puked in my HAIR!"

2)  "POOP JUST FLEW ACROSS THE ROOM!!!"  (direct quote - no joke!)

3) K ate the table at East Mario's, instead of his dinner.

4) Turn around for just a second...and hear "splish..splash".  Baby has turned the toilet into a water table. (Thankfully my husband finally remembered to flush!!)

5) My baby started crawling for a straw wrapper.  No toy in the world was tempting enough, but a straw wrapper did the trick.

6) That moment when K crawled away without a diaper on, peed everywhere and then crawled through it.  The entire floor was covered in pee, along with the child.
table at East Mario's, instead of his dinner.

7) 4 words: Diaper-free poop.... Not cool, kiddo!

8) When your baby and your dog are both staring at you and smiling, and you don't know who that funky smell is coming from...

9) When I'm on the toilet and my little guy tries to pull himself up, using my legs or pants...

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