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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Life Lessons I've Learned As a New Mommy

How do you “be a mommy”?

Before I had our little one I felt I had that ‘motherly instinct’ – whatever that means!  I always caught myself saying “my kids” at work (being a prep teacher, I had A LOT of kids!) and loved spoiling my nieces and nephew.  At family picnics my husband and I were the babysitters – playing on the water trampoline, chasing the little cousins around until we tired them out and then smirked and high fived!  Adults one – kids asleep!

When time came, I found myself saying “Sure, of course we’re ready for a baby.” in a nonchalant tone.  When the line turned pink… Full panic mode set in.  WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

I asked my cousin a while ago if the constant feeling of fear and worry ever faded or goes away.  Her response was simple.  She laughed and said “no”.

I’m reminded of Rachel of Friends when she has baby Emma.  You read all these books on pregnancy and taking care of yourself, on birth and your growing baby, but somewhere between constantly eating, then throwing what you just ate up, going to the bathroom a gazillion time a day, and trying to find an ounce of energy, you neglect to read what to do when you come home with that bundle of joy!  And in making my way to the bookstore and stock piling an armful of parenting manuals, let me confess that they’re all in mind condition because there’s no time to read them once you have your little one. 

I admit I’m the crazy mom.  I thought I’d be relaxed, calm and collected.  Nope!  I’m that mom who is always late carrying a box of Ritz cheese crackers as a lunch (I found them in the car…  When you’re hungry, you make do!).  I’m the wife that told her husband, “We have to move!  Our house is a death trap” when it came time to baby proof.

Motherhood is a scary roller coaster – one I’ve learned to embrace in all its glory.  I’ve come to accept that I might look and feel like a mess.  I’ve come to learn that if you don’t have it in your diaper bag, someone else will happily hand whatever it is you need over.  And there will come a day when you just might have ‘it’ all together and people comment on how you are so organized (with a smile and relief, you then realize you’re getting better at this mommy thing!).

My lesson number 1:  Never ever leave the house without wipes!  Stash them EVERYWHERE – car, purse, bags…  I mean it, everywhere!


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